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Sellics is one of the most famous and well-sophisticated online retail tool as well as Amazon is concerned. It is widely used by many Amazon vendors all over the world. It is an incredible Amazon spy tool that gives users access to unlimited access to useful information that will help them manage their sales and make more profits.

This article is for two categories of people: those people who are looking for a better and easier way to manage their orders online. Those who already started using Sellics but don't understand its significance. In this article, you will learn the following:

1.   What is Sellics?

2.   What are the features of Sellics?

3.   Pros and Cons of Sellics.

Let’s dive in!

What Is Sellics?

One of the most recommended online retail tools for professional Amazon traders is Sellics. This is because of the number of features it offers. It cuts across different aspects of sales management, such as Pay-per-click campaigns, and so on. So to answer the question, "What is Sellics?"

Sellics is an online tool designed to provide answers to different management problems on Amazon. It was founded about five years ago as a necessity to solve management problems on Amazon. It started as a simple tool with only one function- keyword ranking. Now, we can refer to it as an utterly sophisticated online tool in the world of marketing.

What intrigues me about this Sellics tool is its ability to pull out the accurate/correct data from Amazon and its subsequent translation into clear, and easily understandable insights.

Sellics comes in two (2) significant packages;

·       The Seller Edition

·       Vendor Edition

As the names imply, the first one was designed to satisfy the seller and vendors, respectively.

These two editions were directly aimed at two different sets of people: those who sell through Amazon's seller central and vendor central, respectively. This confirms the fact that Sellics is capable of providing permanent solutions for every business on Amazon.

In shorter words, Sellics doesn't only provide data or information in the form of charts and graphs, unlike AMZ scout. It does more than that. It is a complete tool that can help you run a successful sales business on Amazon. Let's take a look at its features.

What are the Features of Sellics?

This is where Sellics comes on top as one of the best online retail tools. It was designed to solve problems from page optimization to profit tracking, and the list continues. Below are the significant features of Sellics:

·        In-depth analysis of products

Amazon is a large market which involves the trading of several products. It offers millions of products to users. This is why most people visit the site because they believe they can find whatever product they need on Amazon. Sellics provides a tool known as the Product Detector. This incredible tool runs a deep search into the different products on Amazon. It can help fish out the products that can earn you profits on Amazon. This tool divides your search into specific categories to ensure that you get what you want.

·        In-depth analysis of niches on Amazon

Amazon is a perfect place to start a sales business. When you take a look at its advantages, you will agree with me. Millions of users visit Amazon frequently to purchase or sell an item. This also makes it competitive. Sellics offers another tool called Niche Analyzer. It works as its name implies. It helps provide needful information concerning different niches on Amazon. This tool will let you know which niche is competitive and the exact keywords to rank high in that niche.

·        Price Management

On Amazon, you also need to know how to manage the pricing of your products. The prices you offer are also a significant factor in making sales on Amazon. There is a tool called Spy Tool on Sellics that allows you to monitor or track your competitors' prices on Amazon for easy comparison. This will let you know whether to increase or reduce the cost of your products.

·        Access to Useful Insights

Sellics also offers unlimited access to useful information concerning product listing, the ranking of keywords, performance on Amazon, best sellers rank, and so on. You will find these features under the cockpit tool on Sellics.

Pros and Cons

Sellics is an incredible management tool that helps provide meaningful solutions to Amazon traders. I don’t our review is complete without talking about its benefits and demerits. Here are the pros and cons of Sellics below:


·       Sellics offers incredible and satisfactory customer support to users. It is user-friendly and easy to use. Their customer support is always available to resolve any issues you may be passing through.

·       It offers considerable pricing, depending on the size of your business per year.

·       Sellics offers useful unlimited data as well as tips on how you can run a successful business on Amazon.

·    It is well-packaged with a lot of features for the proper management of your Amazon business. Most of these features we have mentioned above. 


·       It offers limited information concerning the history of prices. Unlike the Camelcamelcamel tool, you can't view the cost history of products for more than two months ago.

·       On Sellics, you can discover the Return of Investment. You may have to calculate outside the app.

·       You can test-run before using, unlike some other online retail tools.


The Sellics review was designed to provide necessary information on Sellics for current or aspiring amazon sellers to understand its functionality. With this review, you can decide whether it is an excellent tool for your prospective amazon campaign.

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