Jungle Scout Review

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jungle scout review

There were years when it was a real struggle for people to research and find products on amazon. But with the emergence of Jungle Scout, things have changed dramatically for the better. At that time, sellers were required to get data themselves and make the arrangement in a separate spreadsheet. Only then can they tell which product will bring profit and those that won’t. 

The main issue with this method is that sellers make decision-based on feelings rather than on evidence due to the lack of enough data. When Greg Mercer came through in 2015, he provided a realistic solution to this issue through the creation of the JS web application. 

In this review, our focus will be on the Jungle Scout (JS) core features and the pricing system of the Jungle Scout (JS) web application and extension. IO Scout is an Jungle Scout best alternative

The Jungle Scout (JS): What’s The Point? 

The JS app is divided into two versions; it comes as a web application and a Chrome extension. The idea behind the creation is to make searching and researching for products on amazon easier. The essence of Jungle Scout is to help you without difficulty find products that will bring profit and help the growth of your business. The application does this through the estimation, competitor research, keyword research, amongst others. 


Payment for these two versions of the Jungle Scout application can be made separately (Web application, and chrome extension), or, you can get them as a single package. Sadly, you cannot enjoy the free package, or the trial package, as it does not exist, you will need to get the Pro version of the application to enjoy its services. 

jungle scout free

The monthly subscription for the Jungle Scout starter is pegged at $49 per month for the web app, while the extension is pegged at $39 per month. When you buy the two, you will be paying $69.

amazon jungle scout

There is also a yearly plan which helps you save more. When you pay $468 for the yearly subscription, that is equivalent to paying $39 per month. 

Since Jungle Scout comes with no free trial, you are opened to a 14-day money-back guarantee, as long as the app did not deliver what it promises to deliver within the specified period of time. 

Features of the JS Web Application

The business and niche on amazon are numerous; this is one reason why getting the amazon Jungle Scout app is essential, as it will help you make data-based decisions. The features are designed to help you with your decision and find the right product to sell and get the best supplier to buy from. You will also get insight into each product, the consumer, and competitor trends. 

Some of these features include:

JS product database

This database contains millions of products and advanced filters that make it easy to find the best big seller. 

JS product tracker

This is a monitoring tool that makes use of historical data in verifying your ideas. As such, you can invest in better products, not seasonal products that come with high risk. 

JS supplier database

This helps you find the top suppliers used by Amazon sellers.

JS keyword scout

This is a keyword tool they help you find high-ranked and low-ranked keywords when building your listing for enticing customers. 

JS launch

This tool is used for sending automated follow-up mail and promotion to people who already bought your products. 

JS academy

This delivers the essential information needed on Amazon FBA, and information on how to use the Jungle Scout properly. 

JS sales analytics

This tool is designed to help you monitor and manage your finances in order to maximize your profits. 

JS AccuSales Estimates

This is a sales estimator that helps you calculate the amount of profit you stand to gain on every product. 

Essential Features of JS Chrome Extension

The JS chrome extension enables you to see the product data without having to leave the Amazon interface. It contains the features and functions of the web application but has an additional feature that is not present in the Jungle Scout web application. The opportunity scores. 

This score ranges from 1 to 10, with 1 representing worst, and 10 being the best. When you see a product with an opportunity score of 10, it means you have found the best and profitable products that have low competition. You can no longer get the lite version as it has been discontinued. 

JS Web App Vs. Chrome Extension

JS web application is designed to make comprehensive research easier, and with it, you can quickly find the best niche and merchandise. The JS chrome extension helps you quickly discover how profitable a product is, but lack some of the core features of the web application. When combined together, you can easily enjoy using the Jungle Scout application. 

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