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With Amazon being the crowded marketplace that it is, sellers pretty much already have their hands full. Anything they do that shifts their focus away from selling gives their competitors an advantage. A huge headache for Amazon sellers is the fulfillment of a customer's orders. Luckily, Amazon has them covered with Amazon FBA.

how to start amazon fba

Defining Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon is a program that picks up, packs and ships orders for sellers. Furthermore, Amazon also takes care of the returning and refunding process for sellers.

Basically, the procedure works like this:

  • The Amazon FBA seller sends their products to Amazon’s fulfillment centers.
  • A customer places an order for the seller’s products they wish to buy
  • Amazon does the picking up, packing of and shipping of the order.
  • Once the shipment is received by the customer, Amazon checks on the customer to see if they are happy with what they got.
  • If not satisfied, Amazon processes the return of the product and refunding of the customer.
  • Also, if you receive negative feedback, it’s your duty, as the seller, to respond.
  • Amazon then pays you.

How Do You Find Amazon Products to Sell?

To make the use of FBA worthwhile (there are fees involved), you must pick a product that is guaranteed to sell Try using any one of these tools to find high-selling products for your Amazon FBA business:

IO Scout

IO Scout is an Amazon FBA product research and finding tool that primarily focuses on quickly helping you find a product to sell. It has a large database containing over 150 million products that you can sort through using advanced filters. Furthermore, you can use its product tracking tool to view historical trends to find products whose demand is growing but have little competition and Amazon revenue calculator to understand fees.

Seller Labs

Seller Labs works pretty much the same way IO Scout does but takes it a step further. Specifically, it helps you find high ranking keywords that help your PPC campaigns perform well. And it allows you to set up automated emails for customer followup sequences and email marketing.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is perhaps one of the most robust product research and finding tools on the planet. It helps sellers in many aspects, on top of helping them find the best products to sell on Amazon FBA. These include finding profitable niches, conducting keyword research, tracking products and keyword, managing their inventory, analyzing sales data and even finding suppliers.

It even calculates FBA fees for sellers so they know how much profit the products they have found will make them.

Why You Should Use Amazon FBA

FBA selling has the following benefits that are worth mentioning:

Simplified and Cost-effective Shipping

Shipping products yourself can be an involving and costly process. With Amazon handling that for you, shipping efforts and costs decrease significantly, meaning your customers get affordable shipping rates as a result.

Unlimited Storage Space

The more your business grows, so do your inventory needs. But that inventory needs to be stored somewhere and you may not have the space. Luckily, the FBA program doesn’t place a limit on the number of products you can ship to its fulfillment centers, giving you endless storage space.

Multi-Channel Order Fulfillment

You might be selling products on Amazon, but you might also be selling them on other channels, such as Shopify. Through Amazon’s Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MFC), you can let Amazon handle the fulfillment of orders made on Shopify and other channels as well.

Exceptional Customer Service

With a growing business to manage, your focus starts shifting towards sales. However, customer service is a pretty big deal, and if done wrong, it can negatively impact your sales. You need to reply to a customer's query and quickly process returns and refunds should a solution not be found.

This can surely lead to a lot of positive feedback, coupled with a good rating. In the end, this will help drive more sales since happy customers will likely return. With Amazon handling this aspect of the business for you, customers will be raving about your exceptional customer service.

Final Thoughts

Amazon FBA takes care of order fulfillment for sellers. Many sellers know that shipping products can be a headache, and it is nice Amazon taken this huge burden off their hands. Now, they can turn their attention to profits and responding to customer feedback. If you are a seller, Amazon FBA is one of the best ways to grow your business.

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